Hung-Yi Pu



Hi! I am a theoretical astronomer from Taiwan. I love black hole physics and I enjoy public outreach and education a lot.

I have been working on topics related to black hole accretion flow, black hole jet formation, and black hole shadow image. Tools for these investigations include: general relativity (GR), general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics (GRMHD), and general relativistic radiative transfer (GRRT). Brief introduction of my research area can be found on the Research page.

Currently, I am a postdoc in Perimeter Institute for theoretical physics, devoting to the exciting projects:  Event Horizon Telescope and Greenland Telescope. These projects share the common vision: imaging the “shadow” cast by supermassive black holes (the primary targets are M87* and Sgr A*), and testing physics in the strong gravity field. Exciting details of the accretion flow near the very vicinity of the black hole and the formation mechanism/site of relativistic jets are also expected to be revealed. The required sensitivity and angular resolution will be achieved in near future via the mm/sub-mm VLBI technique and worldwide collaborations.

During 2013 – 2017, I was a postdoc in ASIAA. The VLBI group in ASIAA is leading the  Greenland Telescope Project.