General Relativistic Radiative Transfer (GRRT)

and Black Hole Shadow Image

General-relativistic radiative transfer (GRRT) calculations coupled with the calculation of geodesics in the Kerr spacetime are an essential tool for determining the images, spectra and light curves from matter in the vicinity of black holes. Such studies are especially important for ongoing and upcoming millimeter/submillimeter (mm/sub-mm) Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) observations of the supermassive black holes at the centers of Sgr A* and M87, with resolution high enough to resolve their event horizon size.

The prediction of the upcoming VLBI observation of these sources is very challenging due to the nature of the unknown (both energy and spatial) electron distributions.

related works:

  1. Pu, Kazunori, and Asada, 2016 “The effects of Accretion Flow Dynamics on the Black Hole Shadow of Sgr A*” (ADS)
  2. Pu, Yun , Younsi, and Yoon, 2016 “Odyssey: A Public GPU-based Code for General-relativistic Radiative Transfer in Kerr Spacetime” (ADS)
  3. Visit Odyssey (source code package for GRRT) website here
  4. Visit Odyssey_Edu (software for education) website here

Gallery of Black Hole image:

Demo of Odyssey_Edu: